Job title: Communication manager
Job type: Permanent
Emp type: Full-time
  • Not for Profit and Charities
Job published: 23-01-2019
Job ID: 32136

Job Description

Duties of the Position


Internally, the communication manager will ensure that employees are aware of changes and projects within the company. He/she will distribute executive messages, prepare presentations and internal memos, and conduct meetings to share information. He/she will develop print materials and branding strategies for employee use.


Externally, the communication manager will represent the organization to stakeholders, interested parties, and the public. He/she will serve as the company spokesperson to the media and the public. He/she will develop and distribute materials that may explain or convey company  activities, policies or position on issues.  Other duties may include fundraising, issuing press releases, arranging interviews, and compiling press kits.



PR about company (Swahili, English and German)

  • Create awareness through social media, homepage and press (in English and German)
  • Maintain current contact details of relevant journalists.
  • Prepare media statements.
  • Respond to media enquiries.
  • Advertise Farmer Training Courses and other relevant services
  • Send monthly email newsletter
  • Write monthly farmer newsletter
  • Write success stories for journals
  • Research the subject matter of speeches
  • Write speeches      
  • Homepage
  • Update homepage weekly with success stories, reports, pictures and other relevant information.
  • Develop a new homepage for
  • Fundraising


Communicate with private donors from Europe (letter of thanks, pictures, small reports, Christmas cards…)

  • Organise for and welcome donors and other guests and introduce them to the organisation
  • Write proposals for company for grants, awards and fellowships
  • Organise crowdfunding campaigns
  • Reporting
  • Attend meetings and read staff reports to be aware about project progress
  • Prepare project reports
  • Guide the preparation of the annual report
  • Enable a conducive information flow within the organization
  • Capacity building of staff in report writing


Planning and Monitoring

  • Develop a yearly plan for communication department (incl. Budget)
  • Prepare internal and external communications plans and policies
  • Monitor progress and activities of the department (e.g. Activity plan)






  • Having a bachelor or master’s degree in communications, public relations, journalism, or any other relevant field.
  • Having minimum 3 years’ experience in communications.
  • Having passion for agroecology and organic farming
  • Being proficient at working with others
  • Having excellent communication skills in English, Swahili and preferably in German
  • Having excellent writing skills in English, Swahili and preferably German
  • Having software skills for layout and homepage design.
  • Having photography skills
  • Having research skills
  • Being profound in proofreading,
  • Having strong leadership skills