Job title: Operations Manager - Transit, Export and General projects
Job type: Permanent
Emp type: Full-time
  • Logistics Distribution and Supply Chain
Job published: 01-04-2019
Job ID: 32163

Job Description

Summary of duties;

The Operation Manager shall ensure that all daily tasks regarding the Sea-freight and airfreight various activities are duly accomplished, in a compliant and timely manner.

To reach the required quality of service expected by Customers and Management, including ensuring the profitability of the department, the Operation Manager shall:

  • Ensure Administrative tasks of the departments are duly completed;
  • Ensure Operations tasks of the departments are completed in an efficient and timely manner;
  • Manage the Relationship with Customs, Customers, Staff, Finance, Accounting Department, other Group companies and third parties’ services providers
  • Manage the relationship between the in House Transports Department and the Sea-freight different activities such as Import, Export, Transit & Airfreight.
  • Manage the relationship between the Warehousing Department and the Sea-freight Department.
  • I.T. Management- SAP
  • Credit Control – Customer Balances



  • Administrative tasks of the departments
  • Job files Management under SAP

The Operation Manager shall ensure that all documents received from the client and HOD are duly transmitted to the file opening desk for proper management:

  • Does the documentation receive concern an existing customer or a new account? Is the client a credit or cash on delivery client?
  • Are rates in place for the said customer?
  • The file opening desk opens a File in SAP in the dedicated section of the business
  • To checks the information inputted in SAP and validates the file in SAP
  • To ensure that all relevant information; such as but not limited to, date of reception of original documentations, vessel ETA and ATA...are duly detailed on the job file.

Invoices Management under SAP

The Operation Manager must ensure that a delivered job file is invoiced in the 48H following the delivery and the return of the Way bill.

  • To checks the delivered file status daily.
  • To ensure that delivered files are sent to the Invoicing Desk Manager (IDM) within 48 working hours of delivery.
  • The IDM sends back the file to the Ops manager for invoice control and/or validation in SAP.
  • At the point of Invoice validation in SAP, he must ensure that the SAP customer invoice covers at least all the disbursements made on the job file: Shipping Line Charges, Port Charges, Transport Charges, ICD & CFS charges, labor charges, etc.

 Signing Disbursement Vouchers and Disbursements Management
The Operation manager check and signs the vouchers to enable disbursements on the job files daily. This include but is not limited to;

  • Labor Charges
  • Shipping Lines charges / Demurrages
  • Port Charges / Port Storages
  • ICDs charges
  • Transport Charges
  • Customs Duties and Taxes (on occasions)
  • To ensure that all above mentioned charges are duly noted / written down copies files in the file for Invoicing
  • To ensure that engaged disbursement are, at least, covered by the customer quotation, tariff, contract
  • To ensure that any changes in the Industry (Shipping Line, port, customs processes and tariffs) is duly propagated to the sea freight team, commercial department, transport department, warehousing department and management.

 Operations tasks of the Departments

The Operation manager is responsible for co-ordination all the departments operations. The main goal being to improve service delivery, meet client expectation and ensure profitability. In order to achieve this, the ops manager is the hub of all operations in the department and shall be responsible for tying up all commercial and operational matters in connection to any and every shipment.

The department is divided into Export ,Transit, Project Imports and O&G each section has the key account manager and assistance.

Import department: client portfolio includes project cargo. This department deals with all imports by air & sea into Tanzania irrespective of the import regime; that is, bond, temporary importation (TI), home consumption, permit clearing, and exemption clearing.

Export department; as the name implies deals with all exports that originate and/ or transit through Tanzania either by Air, road or by sea. In addition, the department handles transshipment and re-exportation for Shipping Lines as well as clients.

Transit – as you might be aware, Tanzania is a natural transit corridor for Zambia, Malawi, DRC, Rwanda and Burundi. This department is responsible for clearing cargo from Dar Es Salaam port and transferring same under bond to its final destination. Company scope of work with regards to transit cargo commences when the vessel arrives and ends when the cargo has crossed the border.  Company employs the services of third party clearing agent for border clearance at various borders points.

O&G & General Projects- These dept provide services to the big international clients and speed is everything hence a proper planning, technical checks are required to handle these clients . The service must be proactive .

The Ops Manager shall monitor daily all the operations of the departments and ensure that each team member achieves his/her KPI. Close interaction with staff is vital for the successful management of operations in the department.



Relationship Management

  • Customs

The Ops manager must develop and maintain relationships with the Customs officers i. These relationships must be based on a full Ethical compliance, with TRA various offices.

  • Customers

The Ops Manager shall ensure that he/she has a professional and ethical relationship with any customer. This forms part of the quality of service provided by company to its customers.

  • Staff

The Ops Manager must be approachable by his/her staff, but still have a professional based relationship.

Any failure to act according to the Group Companies rules in Tanzania must be duly queried and sanctioned if needed. This is related, but not limited to:

- Absenteeism
- Late arrival at work
- Lack of information to the Direct Managers - Delays in getting the required job done
- Insubordination
- General bad quality of service

In addition, the Ops Manager shall be responsible for the leave/ holiday planning and the yearly appraisals of all the departments.

Promoting a healthy working environment, staff training, identifying means of staff motivation and improving efficiency is necessary in order to succeed in this role.

 Finance and Accounting Departments

The Ops must work closely with the Finance and Accounting department to: (a) ensure that the correct vouchers are being posted on SAP; (b) provide a clearer understanding of the clearing and forwarding activities; (c) to ensure that container deposit refunds are duly processed by delivery clerks and payment is made to the company; (d) to ensure that cheques are issued on time as delays in issuing cheques can have a negative impact on service levels.

This relationship goes through vouchers, Disbursements, cheques issuing, Credit Control 

 Commercial Department

The OPS manager must ensure that before any service is provided, a valid quote (that is accepted by the client in writing) is in existence.

In addition, the Ops Manager must clearly define the scope of work for all shipments and ensure that the rate proposed by commercial to the client is adequate for the proposed service.

The Ops Manager shall assist the commercial department with quotations and service explanations to clients.

Other Group companies

OPERATION MANAGER shall work closely with all other group companies (FFK, FFR, Mainline Carrier, Trans East SBS ), checking invoices that are received, identify cost savings and implementing them.


Third parties’ services providers

OPERATION MANAGER shall work closely with all shipping lines, terminal operators and sub-contractors, checking invoice received, identifying cost savings and implementing them.


Transport Department Management

The OPERATION MANAGER shall work closely with the appointed transporters of the company to ensure that transport needs are met for all the departments


In most cases, rates are communicated to commercial department by transport. OPERATION MANAGER shall ensure that transporter does not invoice more than it has quoted for traffic.

Relationship with Mainline & Trans east transports Department.

OPERATION MANAGER shall work closely with transport on projects and/or heavy lifts. It is therefore paramount that a healthy relationship is developed between both departments

 KPIs related to transports Department services

Transporter is expected to provide a truck a day after it is requested. OPERATION MANAGER shall record transport delays that lead to service delivery failures and provide a monthly report for discussion with the HOD with a view to increasing efficiency.

 IT Management 3.6.1 SAP

The OPERATION MANAGER shall print out file progress reports for all clients weekly and shall ensure that all KPI’s are being maintained. In addition, the OPERATION MANAGER shall ensure that files are opened with the correct information and in a timely manner.


The OPERATION MANAGER shall ensure that SAP is updated daily on-time and with real-time information. It is important to note that SAP serves as ammunition to the client on the clearing performance and can be a source of dispute. As such it is paramount that SAP is updated correctly


 Credit control – Customers Statement of Account – DSO – Budget and Profitability.

The OPERATION MANAGER shall attend credit control meetings and shall be responsible for ensuring that client’s statements of account are sent by the credit control department.

The OPERATION MANAGER shall pay close attention to client’s payment pattern and suggest a ban on future clearing for clients with poor payment history. The first step in ensuring that this is achieved is making sure that the client’s invoices are correct and adequately supported.

The OPERATION MANAGER shall be fully aware of the monthly gross margin and container budget and ensure that the monthly targets are achieved.


The Risk Management

The OPERATION MANAGER shall ensure the following
-All the risk related to port storage, Customs warehouse rent and container detention are managed. -To ensure all the bond are cancelled with TRA on timely manager.