Job title: Chief Operating Officer
Job type: Permanent
Emp type: Full-time
Location: Lindi
  • Agriculture Fishing and Forestry
Job published: 29-04-2019
Job ID: 32168

Job Description


  • Manage an agro-industrial complex developed on multi-located 3000 (to 8000) ha, with 2 High Quality 
Products factories, and around 1500 working people (mainly local farmers type)
Maintain high quality relationship with villages, local and regional Administrations, TRA, TIC, Tanzania Government, etc 

  • Maintain or develop high quality relationship with Board Members, Shareholders, Banks, Accountants 
and Auditors, Lawyers, contractors and suppliers, etc 

  • Offer innovative solutions in all fields of management, 

  • Understand and continue to implement/develop the Sales Strategy 

  • Control that decisions are duly implemented, 

  • Achieve or exceed the business plans approved by the Board and to make all his best to grow company 

  • Implement a profit-driven culture with all staff members, 

  • Be a welcoming support of all initiatives oriented to welfare, health and development of the 
neighbouring population. 



  • Preferably an Engineer with both Agricultural/Agronomic and Industrial education, but it is not a pre- requisite
  • Strong experience in African fields and industrial management
  • A strong person dedicated to a straight and right execution of the multi-tasks required by an agro- industrial business
  • Able to implement a both ways (up and down) reporting/communicating process
  • A leader and a team–manager, support of a training and coaching program for all levels of staff
  • Able to reinforce the Company spirit
  • Able to live in South – East of Tanzania