Job title: Preventive Maintenance Team Leader
Job type: Permanent
Emp type: Full-time
  • Manufacturing and Production
Job published: 21-06-2019
Job ID: 32175

Job Description



  • Follow up putting and applying Level one inspections checklist essentially involves the four senses (sight, hearing, touch, and smell), without any special tools and without recording any values or measurements.
  • Follow up putting and applying the measurement of specific operating parameters or on the condition of an item of plant which calls for special equipment, is referred to as a specific inspection (checklist)
  • Makes sure that the inspection program and any related checklists are applied probably and serve to do the analysis process effectively.
  • Confirms applying of specific inspection during shut-down consists of checking the condition of an item of plant, which may or may not involve dismantling it, using parameters relating to wear, deformation, damage of any type. For mechanical aspects, this includes checking play, measuring thickness, length, checking for cracks and for civil engineering, checking for subsidence of any support structures
  • Follow up distributing the daily routine required measurements to the inspection technicians and collect data from PM Engineers in order to analyze.


  • Communicate between PM Engineers and other departments in order to correct the defects in machines in the site.
  • Receive the expected problems from PM Engineers that are required for making root cause analysis reports.
  • Follow up the critical machines and change their time intervals for checking based on the urgency of the inspection findings.
  • Receive the required planned maintenance activities in line stoppages and shutdowns from PM Engineers and coordinate between all departments to execute during the shutdown.
  • Follow up putting and applying of condition monitoring database and vibration analysis findings in order to predict machine parts failure before occurring by a suitable period of time.
  • Follow up the lubrication chart putting and execution by lubrication team and receiving of initial defects in machines on a daily basis.
  • Coordination and scheduling of the planned maintenance activities for all assets in the plant.
  • Coordination between plant different departments during overhauls and planned stoppage in order to finish all activities (Critical path) in the planned time.  


Safety and Responsibility


  • Understand and implement the company's policy and appreciate the responsibility allocated to each grade of supervision.
  • Ensure that all Engineers and technicians under his responsibility are qualified and receive adequate and appropriate training.
  • Promote employee involvement/participation through safety awareness.
  • Create safety awareness by promoting safety meetings and talks, and by encouraging safety training.
  • Set a personal example on site by wearing appropriate protective clothing and equipment at all times.
  • Assess the safety performance of technicians under his supervision during employee evaluation.
  • Attend promptly to all equipment defects and advise site management for the need for any dangerous equipment to be taken out of service until properly repaired.




  • BSc.  in  Mechanical engineering  
  • 10 years of working experience