Job title: General Manager - Expatriate
Job type: Permanent
Emp type: Full-time
Job published: 04-02-2020
Job ID: 32218

Job Description



  • Disciplined, sober, dedicated, loyal but firm person that can rapidly make informed decisions. So, a person that have plenty of common sense and can reason logically. For me the correct character is very important. 
  • Must be able to report to Directors on a monthly basis. Must be able to work with other senior staff in a professional manner. 
  • Having corporate experience of working in a management position (junior or mid level) with good understanding of reporting, financial reports and accounts. 
  • Business administration capabilities. 
  • Manage senior staff of 20. Middle and junior of 120. 
  • Have to some extend experience in the mining and infrastructure development projects. 
  • Prior experience of working for or working with a commercial explosives manufacturer / supplier. 
  • Have a good understanding of procurement, supply chain and Customer service. 
  • Health, Safety and Environment understanding. 
  • Must be able to conduct training in order to transfer knowledge.